Student Chaplaincy Team 

At Cardinal Wiseman, the student chaplaincy team offers a wide range of opportunities for all of our students. The team is involved in many areas of school life from morning briefing for staff to the organisation of charity events, whole school retreats and Primary School links. Our current student chaplaincy team has over 100 members with each student dedicated to a specific area of work within our school. These key areas include: Retreat days, Social Media, Hosting visitors in school and many others, meaning we are able to let every student offer the best of their own skill set to serve our community. 

Student Chaplaincy Leaders

These students are led by our Student Chaplaincy leaders - two students from each year group (Y8-Y11) were selected to represent and encourage members of their own year group, as well as take a lead on initiatives and the running of many of our events. They are an integral part of our school community and really encourage and inspire all of our students to be proud of their faith.

Students are welcome and challenged over their time at Cardinal Wiseman to engage with their faith through acts of individual and collective worship. These take place each day in Formation and, through leading weekly assemblies, with a number of opportunities for Mass and reconciliation throughout the year.. Every student is offered times of reflection or retreat over their time at Cardinal Wiseman.

We believe that faith grows when you put it into action and so much of what we do within chaplaincy at school is just that - students are constantly raising money and awareness for a number of different charities and organisations from across the world, as well as some that benefit those closest to us in Birmingham. We encourage students to be Christ like in their generosity and willingness to help those less fortunate than ourselves. Have a look at our Charity and Fundraising page to find out more!

Our student chaplaincy team always display the best behaviour in and around school as well as a fantastic attitude to learning and a desire to help one another both in our school community and beyond - they are proud to wear their badges and to be held to these high standards, as well as ultimately being known as children of God.

“Faith is important to me as it helps me get through the toughest of times and augment my education. The chaplaincy team supports me in every way possible and it is amazing to know that I have a friend in the team when I need one. It also helps build an individual's character with many inclusive trips which pupils can enjoy. It is absolutely amazing that the chaplains help us, support us and love us.” - Ashton, Y9