Student Chaplaincy Team

At Cardinal Wiseman the student chaplaincy team offers a wide range of opportunities for all of our students. The team is involved in many areas of school life from morning briefing for staff to the organisation of charity events, whole school retreats and Primary School links. Our current student chaplaincy team has over 50 members.


In order to help the effective co-ordination of the student chaplaincy team, eight students are part of a strategic leadership team. These pupils have shown an extra level of commitment to their own faith, and to the development of the faith in others. They represent the school in different ways and are role models to others.

Students are welcome and challenged over their time at Cardinal Wiseman to engage with their faith through acts of individual and collective worship. These take place each day in DEAR, through leading weekly assemblies, with a number of opportunities for Mass and through a Reconciliation Service. Every student is offered times of reflection or retreat over their time at Cardinal Wiseman.

We believe that faith grows when you put it into action.  There are many ways to be involved.  Each DEAR group has a Chaplaincy Representative who both brings ideas from the class and also lets them know what’s going on.  We encourage students to find and develop their individual gifts and prayer life.  They can do this in liturgies, assemblies, Religious Education lessons, helping with displays and taking part in various clubs and groups on offer.

Sharing this vision, our Chaplaincy team seek to be the presence of Jesus Christ and his Church at the very heart of the life and mission of our school. Chaplaincy has a unique role among the students; chaplaincy isn’t just a role in the school, it is a journey. It is about learning from others, staff learning from students and students learning from staff.


“Chaplaincy is a big part of my school life, it helps me to help people all over the world. I enjoy spending time with my friends.”
Amy (Y10 pupil)




"Our chaplaincy team consistently put
faith into action with their amazing work
in our community." 

Miss Kelly ( RSL KS3)