Meet the Cardinal Wiseman Prefect Team 2019-2020

In November 2019 Cardinal Wiseman’s first ever crop of Prefects were chosen by the School Council team. Out of over 70 applicants 46 pupils were chosen to become Prefects. The pupils chosen were picked because they were deemed to have the qualities and attributes needed to become effective role models to their peers. The applications written by the pupils pictured above were superb. Below are a few quotes taken from some of the application forms.

A Prefect is someone who will help the school as well as the students and be an example to others because the school environment can be loud and distracting at times. Having people who are constantly doing the right thing could persuade others to do the right thing too.
Rene Skervin

Helping others is the most important role of a Prefect as they pass on their kindness and helpfulness to others to become better and this will highly improve the school community.
Zuzanna Nizniowska

I will help to ensure that the environment my peers are learning in is a happy one. I think it is important that everyone feels content when coming to school and learning.
Dayna Duffy

Every Prefect was chosen because they display the highest standards when it comes to behaviour, attendance and punctuality. They are the perfect ambassadors for our school and will become effective role models to everybody else. The Prefects will play an important role in the leadership of our school – they will be monitoring behaviour in the corridors and public spaces, encouraging their peers to make the right choices; they will be acting as buddies to new pupils and those pupils who feel a little anxious about school life; and they will be helping staff run events such as open evenings and parents evenings. Watch this space for more information on a day in the life of a Prefect! 


Being a Prefect at Cardinal Wiseman is a huge honour; this is because this is something that has only been introduced into our school this year and I have the honour of being one of the first ever Prefects at Cardinal Wiseman. I wanted to become a Prefect because I wanted to be able to help improve our school for the better. This means that I will have a part in making our school even more outstanding. Having Prefects at Cardinal Wiseman is an amazing thing! However, it is also important. Our Prefects at our school can do many things, such as: Improve other students' behaviour, get more jobs done around the school and be able to make sure that everything in school is as it should be. I am extremely grateful for this role within school. It is such a great opportunity for the students here! Brooke Mawhinney 8Be