We aim for all pupils to be articulate, confident speakers; thoughtful and intelligent listeners with superb expertise in reading and writing

The English Department at Cardinal Wiseman focuses on establishing and extending our pupils communication and literacy skills through reading, writing, and speaking activities. At Key Stage 3, pupils consolidate and improve their ability to write and respond to a variety of texts. This prepares them for Key Stage 4, where there is a strong emphasis on developing analytical capacity when reading; structure and cohesion in writing; and confidence and clarity in spoken language. Pupils are exposed to a range of literature, and learn to reflect on how concepts and values are presented and explored through different language techniques and styles. Pupils will develop an appreciation for poetry and literature within an innovative, safe and positive environment that will allow students to take risks. Pupils will develop further their communicative skills through exposure to film, theatre and the arts through enrichment. Lessons make regular use of the library and of computers for word processing and research purposes. Currently, pupils are entered for GCSEs with the AQA exam board in English Language and English Literature. The English curriculum across all years has been mapped in detail to ensure that topics are interleaved and to enable students to build the right set of skills for tackling GCSE English language and literature.