Senior Leadership Team

Mr R Swanwick

Leads Catholic Life of the school, CPD team,
Monitoring of school systems,
HR matters, Performance Management,
Curriculum and Timetable, Assessment,
Data and ICT

Mrs C Stoker

Deputy Headteacher
Pupil Progress KS4, academic data/exams.
Co-ordinates PIXL Teaching & Learning Team

Mrs C Riley

Senior Assistant Headteacher
Pupil Progress KS3, Special provision,
Teaching & Learning team

Mr A Beckett

Assistant Headteacher
Safeguarding, Attendance, LAC, Health and Safety,
Parental Engagement,Pupil Voice,
Primary Links, Publicity & Rewards

Dr L Beavan

Assistant Headteacher
Behaviour, learning culture and expectations,
admissions and transition,
Pastoral RSL/HOY line manager,
Deputy DSL

Mrs E Buckle

Assistant Headteacher
Literacy across ks3 and ks4,
'Becoming Wise' ks3 Curriculum;
Teaching & Learning team

Mrs H Memari

Associate Assistant Headteacher
Leading Maths, overseeing whole-school numeracy,
Development of middle leaders