Mr R Swanwick

Leadership and Management, Governance, Financial Management, Personnel and HR, Recruitment and Retention

Mrs C Stoker

Senior Assistant Headteacher
Quality of Education, Curriculum and Pedagogy, I.T.T,

Mrs C Riley

Senior Assistant Headteacher
Exams, Assessment, Timetable, Website, Data/GDPR, Health and Safety

Mr A Beckett

Assistant Headteacher
Safeguarding, Personal Development (including Formation), Transformation Curriculum, Enrichment, Parental Engagement, Primary Links and Publicity

Dr L Beavan

Assistant Headteacher
Behaviour and Attitudes, Admissions, Culture for Learning

Mrs E Buckle

Assistant Headteacher
Attendance & Punctuality, School Council, Prefects, Pupil Voice, High Prior-Attaining Pupils, Staff wellbeing

Miss S Kelly

Associate Assistant Headteacher
Catholic Life (PICCLS), Head of Key Stage Three (KS3)

Miss L McMenamin

Associate Assistant Headteacher
Leadership of Religious Education, Member of Curriculum and Pedagogy Team