Drama Department

Drama provides pupils with the opportunity to rehearse, create and perform on a variety of different platforms, including performances to their peers, family and friends and the wider community

Drama allows pupils to express themselves in a creative way whilst developing interpersonal skills such as team work, and self confidence. In KS3 pupils experience Drama as part of a rotation with other creative subjects where they will learn how Drama is created, including the acting and staging skills that are needed to put a piece of drama on the stage; how to create characters and play characters in performance; and learn many skills that are highly valued in any walk of life including teamwork and confidently presenting yourself in public. In years 10 and 11 pupils have the opportunity to take a BTEC Tech Award in Drama where they study theatre much more academically, which prepares them studying the subject further at KS5. Throughout the year the Drama department also offers many extra-curricular opportunities such as the school production, Drama Club and performances within the community.