Drama provides pupils with the opportunity to rehearse, create and perform on a variety of different platforms, including performances to their peers, family and friends and the wider community

What is Drama?

  • The exploration of human behaviour and relationships through a range of styles and forms. 

Why is this subject important? 

  • Drama allows pupils to explore real life situations and relationships in a safe environment. It gives them the opportunity to build their social awareness whilst building empathy and understanding for what is happening around them. Drama is a subject that allows pupils to focus on their own personal development by exploring their emotions and reactions to situations in a comfortable, safe and supportive space. It encourages pupils to explore their creativity and develop interpersonal skills like confidence, public speaking, teamwork and empathy; skills that are often overlooked in other areas of the curriculum but vital for developing the whole person. For the older students in the school it also gives them the chance to consider how human psychology has a part to play in character creation and application. Students are exposed to a range of classic and modern texts giving them the opportunity to develop their literacy and reading skills, whilst also developing their extended and analytical writing skills through performance evaluations and personal progress reviews. 

What is the purpose of the subject? 

  • The purpose of the subject in secondary schools is to let the pupils explore and express themselves in a safe way whilst developing their God given talents. Studying Drama allows students to have access to cultural opportunities such as attending the theatre, watching live theatre in school, working with theatre professionals, studying and watching classic plays and understanding the entertainment industry in greater depth.