Geography Department

We see Geography as an essential subject for all highly educated citizens of the world

Geography aligned

Pupils in Key Stage Three follow a carefully designed programme to suit the new National Curriculum. It covers such diverse topics as disasters, development and ecosystems. In year 7 students study a variety of different places starting with Birmingham, China and Africa.  In year 8 and 9 students study human and physical geography focusing and various topic such as Coasts, Brazil, Crime and Environments in Danger. Each pupil will be set weekly Home Learning in Year Seven and Year Eight.

GCSE Geography is offered as an option at the end of Year Nine. GCSE pupils study for three years and currently undertake the AQA specification. Key Stage Four pupils have three lessons each week and will be offered the opportunity to participate in fieldwork and further out of class learning. GCSE Geography is a well-regarded qualification at schools and Sixth Form colleges and a must have for pupils wishing to study A level Geography and beyond.