What is it?

The Transformation Curriculum is a unique part of life at Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School for students and staff.  

All staff across the school provide a range of activities on a Friday afternoon to enable our pupils to learn new skills, develop skills as well as providing opportunities for our pupils to work within our community.

Pupils get to opt for the activities that they are interested in doing and all pupils will be involved in a range of different activities as most activities last for one term.

It is called the ‘Transformation Curriculum’ as it is designed to transform our pupils’ lives. Some activities on offer are about providing new opportunities for students to discover their talents, some are about deepening and enriching their lives whilst other activities lead to qualifications.

Over 30 activities are on offer each term and have included Water Polo, Maths Mastery (working with the most able Year 6 Maths student), Chess, Baking for Beginners, Duke of Edinburgh Award, Craft for All, Sports Leaders Award, British Sign Language, Helping Primary School Children to Read, Photography - Beyond the Selfie, Yoga, Debatemate, Intergenerational Inspiration (working with senior citizens at Manor House and Digging Deep (Gardening) to name a just a few. 

Why are we doing this?

  • Developing pupils’ character - including their confidence, independence and resilience.
  • Broaden our pupils’ horizons with new opportunities and enriching experiences. 
  • To enable pupils to develop and discover their interests and God given talents.
  • Prepare pupils to be active citizens who contribute positively to society.
  • Prepare them for their adult lives.
  • Strengthen pupils’ sense of belonging within our school community.
  • Develop social skills - working alongside pupils from other year groups and within the local community. 

“Schools are crucial in preparing pupils for their adult lives, teaching them to understand how to engage with society and providing them with plentiful opportunities to do so.” - Ofsted