We aim to develop the deep thinkers and quick minds of the future – the next mathematical geniuses!

Maths Aligned

Mathematics is a key skill used in everyday life. It is important that all pupils are encouraged to develop their skills in number, algebra, geometry, statistics and problem solving. All pupils are set challenging targets and our experienced staff aim to develop each pupil’s confidence, reasoning and communication to achieve these targets.
In Key Stage 3 we aim to expand pupil knowledge of Mathematics, not just finding a method to solve a problem but developing their understanding of the processes needed and how these skills can be transferred. Pupils develop the confidence to solve unfamiliar problems and understand the importance of Mathematics and its application in the real world.
This provides the foundations for Key Stage 4 which pupils begin in Year 9. Pupils follow the Edexcel syllabus, a linear course at either foundation or higher level. Each pupil will sit three exams; two calculator papers and one non-calculator paper.
The Mathematics department strives to maximise every individual’s academic and personal potential. Pupils are thus encouraged to speak to staff when they require extra help. Additionally, break-time drop-in sessions are available daily.