School council

Meet the Cardinal Wiseman School Council Team 2019-2020

In October 2019 the School Council representatives were chosen in a democratic fashion by their Formation groups.

The council reps come together as a team every half-term for a ‘working lunch’ style meeting in which agenda items are discussed and other issues / concerns put forward. After each meeting the representatives have the opportunity to feed back the minutes to their Formation groups so that every pupil in the school feels empowered and represented by the council.

The School Council plays an important role in the leadership of the school – with the points raised at the meetings being fed back to the staff body (the minutes are shared with every member of staff) and acted upon where possible.

One of the first tasks of the School Council was the setting up of the new Prefect system here at Cardinal Wiseman. The council representatives helped to create the application form, shaped the roles and responsibilities of the Prefects and even read through each and every application – picking a crop of 46 pupils (out of over 70 applicants) to become our first ever Prefects.

The next agenda item the School Council will be focusing upon is the introduction of a recycling system here at Cardinal Wiseman. Back in the autumn term the School Council expressed concern at the lack of recycling being completed at school – a disappointing fact, given that the need to be more environmentally friendly is never far from our minds as it is highlighted in the media and by key personalities. Since then the School Council reps and Eco Warriors transformation group have worked hard to raise the issue with SLT and the Governing Body, and in the new year got a commitment from Mr Swanwick to purchase new recycling bins for the school. The new bins have been ordered and soon we will be able to start recycling paper and plastic – meaning less of the waste we produce will end up in landfill sites, and we will indeed be doing ‘our bit’ for the environment. All this happened because of the important work of the School Council.


“Being part of the School Council is a privilege. It brings out the confidence to speak out, the courage to voice opinions and shows compassion towards our school community. It's imperative that our pupils are heard and that any of their concerns are brought up, so being in the School Council helps to build bridges between the pupils and the teachers. Not only does it help to change our school for the better, it also helps through the experiences one can gain from being in the School Council. For example, my eloquence, confidence and public speaking skills have really improved since joining the school council, and will continue to improve as I experience my last year at Cardinal Wiseman as Head Girl”. Julianne Peralta – Head Girl 

“It is important to be part of School Council because I think that it is necessary to have a group of people who essentially act as a glue between the students’ wants and the teachers’ needs. As well as this during events such as open evening, it is necessary to have students who are presentable and act as an example for what the children will eventually become when beginning at Cardinal Wiseman”. Jordan Williams – Head Boy 

“The School Council gives me an opportunity to be a voice to those who feel as if they lack one in influencing decision making at school, which matters a great deal to me. We have replaced previous school bins with newer ones that encourage recycling, which becomes more and more important in a world that needs to take collective action to fight the threat of pollution. Whilst every year of the School Council has been of great service, 2019-2020's School Council has excelled in bringing impactful changes to the school. Changes that will not be felt by just us as pupils of Cardinal Wiseman, but the whole world." – Lemar Thompson – Deputy Head Boy 

“I enjoy being part of the School Council as it helps me to know what's needed to improve the school and make it a better place for everyone. It means that all of us have a responsibility to represent ourselves to others in a good way. We've achieved quite a bit and we're getting better, we're working on recycling and helping the climate little by little. It's also important as if we didn't have a School Council it would be more difficult to discuss matters and improve them.” – Faiza Yedroudj 9Be