Charging and remissions information


The school aims to make a broad programme of trips and activities accessible to as many pupils as possible. The Governors endorse the guiding principles contained in the Education Reform Act 1988, particularly that no child should have access to the curriculum limited by charges.


  1. Charges will not be made for any activities which form part of a prescribed examination syllabus, or are in fulfilment of National Curriculum requirements.
  1. However, where otherwise, voluntary contributions may be invited for trips. No child may be excluded because of inability to pay but the school is entitled to cancel the trip if the level of contributions does not meet its budgetary requirements.
  1. In practical subjects parents may be asked to provide the cost of material or ingredients if the finished product is to be owned by the pupil. For example, in Food Technology pupils supply their own ingredients when food products are to be consumed at home. However, no pupil is excluded from practical activities if there are financial difficulties.
  1. Board, lodgings and travel costs will normally be charged on residential trips.
  1. When pupils receiving individual music tuition parent will be asked to contribute each term to the charges. Parents who need financial help will be supported by the school.
  1. The cost of examination entries for subjects taught within the school will normally be met by the school. In cases where candidates wish to be re-entered for an exam they will be expected to pay entry fees subject to ability to pay.
  1. In all cases where charges are to be levied parents are to be advised in advance and monies collected prior to the activity. Requests for help from parents on income support or family credit or in financial difficulties will be considered and assistance provided within the limits of the school’s resources. Complete confidence will be observed in such matters. Any insurance costs will be included in charges for trips or activities.