In response to the call of Christ in the beatitudes contained within Sacred Scripture, and the mandate of the Catholic Church which teaches almsgiving and acts of compassion as a marker of authentic spirituality and indication of the life of the Catholic community.

Fundraising as a means to enabling outreach is another aspect of the Catholic Life of the Cardinal Wiseman community. It is usual for at least one, if not two dedicated fundraisers each term.

Dedicated fundraising days offer the opportunity to raise awareness for key issues, and offer staff and students the opportunity to contribute their own talents and creativity as a means to raising key funds, for charities such as CAFOD, the Catholic overseas development agency.

Most recently, Cardinal Wiseman students have partnered with Chad’s Sanctuary - a voluntary project offering support to Asylum Seekers, Refugees and Immigrants – to deliver donations contributed from within the school community (pictured)

In previous years, the school has organised a β€˜sleep out’, where staff and students have had the opportunity to spend a night in the playground, in order to raise money for St Basils – a Birmingham charity offering support to homeless young people in the locality.