Curriculum for 2018-19

Key Stage 3 Curriculum

• At Cardinal Wiseman we offer a traditional curriculum which includes Maths (Ma), English (En), Science (Sc), Physical Education (PE), the Humanities subjects of History (Hi) and Geography (Ge), Computer Science (Co), Religious Education (RE), the Performing Arts subjects (Art – Ar, Music – Mu, Drama – Dr), a Design and Technology subject (Food – Fd) and a language (Spanish – Sp).

• One innovative approach to teaching and learning we adopted in 2017-18 was the introduction of the Becoming Wise curriculum into year 7, with Geography, History, RE, Computer Science and Communications (Com) taught in blocks, with the classes rotating around the different subjects and teachers. This proved to be a highly successful curriculum model and has been rolled out again this year. (See the Becoming Wise page for more detail on this initiative). Sean – please include a hyperlink to the Becoming Wise page on the website (it’s contained within the curriculum part).

• The Performing Arts and Design and Technology subjects are also taught on rotation.

• RE is taught as part of the Becoming Wise rotation in year 7, but the pupils also receive an additional discreet lesson of RE, which focuses specifically upon Catholic teaching, as per the Bishop’s Directive. The pupils attend two lessons of RE in year 8.

• As well as the 4 traditional lessons of Maths, the pupils attend a weekly numeracy lesson, which seeks to boost the pupils’ numeracy and mental maths skills, both of which are vital for progression at GCSE.

• The pupils spend 30 minutes per day with their form tutors (10.30am-11.00am) and ks3 follow a programme which seeks to boost their literacy and numeracy skills. The pupils spend 3 sessions a week completing guided reading activities (GR), they have one assembly slot (As) and one numeracy (Nu) session.

• The pupils are mainly taught in their house groups but some classes are set according to ability for subjects such as English and Maths. Within both year groups we have a Higher Attaining Pupil (HAP) group, where teachers seek to stretch and challenge the higher attaining and more able pupils.

• The pupils have one Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) lesson per week, which is taught by their Head of Year (HOY). This offers a broad curriculum and covers diverse topics such as e-safety and recognising positive relationships.

Year 7 Curriculum Model

Year 8 Curriculum Model

KS4 Curriculum

KS4 Curriculum
• At Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School, Key Stage 4 (KS4) covers Year 9, 10 & 11 – consequently students make their option choices at the end of Year 8. All students at KS4 study the following subjects at GCSE Maths (MA) English (En) Religious Education (RE) and Science (Sc) Additionally they have two lessons of core PE (PE)

• Students make option choices depending on whether they are A band (CW, C & W) or B band(S, F & Y) pupils, this split is determined by in-school progress and prior attainment. A band students study a traditional English Baccalaureate (EBacc) route and are expected to study alongside the aforementioned subjects, either History (Hi) or Geography (Ge) and Spanish (Sp) They make one open option choice (outlined below). B band students study either History (Hi) or Geography (Ge) and make select two option subjects.

• Our current option subjects (2018-2019) include the following: GCSE Fine Art (AR) BTEC Sport (Sp) Drama (Dr) Information Technology (IT) Dance (Da) Business Studies (Bu) and V-Cert Food (Fd) and Health and Fitness (PE) The studied exam boards are listed below.

• The school day consists of 6 lessons of 50 minutes and a 30 minute tutorial session (GR) In Years 9 and 10 the tutorial programme focuses upon improving literacy and numeracy skills alongside preparing students for their GCSE examinations and introducing them to the Careers programme. In Year 11 the primary focus of tutor is Post-16 provision and Careers.

• Core subjects are taught in ability groups whilst the option subjects are predominantly mixed ability. In Year 11 English there is one class that consists of EAL students (those who have English as an additional language) These students follow a bespoke, personalised and appropriate curriculum.

• In Year 11 students only study one lesson of Religious Education as they completed their GCSE examination at the end of Year 10.

Exam Board Information

Art: Fine Art – AQA
Computer Science – OCR
English Language – AQA
English Literature – AQA
Geogrpahy B (Geography for Enquiring Minds) – OCR
History – Edexcel
Maths – Edexcel
Music – Edexcel
Religious Studies (Route B – Catholic Christianity – Eduqas
Combined Science: Synergy – Edexcel
Spanish – AQA
Sport & Leisure
Level 2 Certificate in Food & Cookery
Level 2 Certificate in Health & Fitness

Year 9 Curriculum Model

Year 10 Curriculum Model

Year 11 Curriculum Model