Assemblies and Liturgies

A liturgy is a prayer in the form of collective worship. We offer a variety of liturgies depending on the time in the liturgical year like our advent liturgies that took place in the month of December during R.E lessons. Our liturgies can also apply to events or fundraisers that take place. We recently hosted a “Big Sleepout” out on the school’s playground to raise money for St. Basils homeless charity. For this a liturgy was held to pray for all the homeless people in the world today.
 The school chapel is at the heart of these liturgies, it provides the pupils and staff an opportunity to pray and reflect in the presence of Christ.

Liturgies and assemblies are an excellent opportunity to come together as a school community, along with the exploration of different topics like praying for those in need, and learning about Human trafficking.

The topics chosen all link into our Wiseman Virtues like “Compassionate and loving”. This ensures all liturgies and stay topical and true to our schools Catholic Ethos.


“I really enjoy having some reflective time in the chapel. It allows me to deepen my faith.”
Leanna (Y8 pupil)

“I enjoy going to our weekly assemblies as it allows me to explore different issues.”
Musadeq (Y7 pupil)

“Liturgies and assemblies allows staff and pupils to explore different topics such as praying for the needy and hungry and Christian unity.”
Jonny Leybourne ( Lay Chaplain)


The following documents are available to download if you are interested in finding out more about our assemblies and liturgies:

Assembly Rota

Assembly/Liturgy Planner

Example Assembly