A liturgy is a prayer in the form of collective worship. We offer a variety of liturgies depending on the time in the liturgical year; for example, reconciliation services during Lent.

The school chapel is at the heart of these liturgies, it provides the pupils and staff an opportunity to pray and reflect in the presence of Christ.

Liturgies and assemblies are an excellent opportunity to come together as a school community, along with the exploration of different topics like praying for those in need, and learning about topical events that we are urged to pray about and for.

Each half term, our assemblies focus on a different pairing of the Wiseman Virtues, for example “Compassionate and loving”. This ensures all liturgies are following our schools Catholic Ethos. Students have assemblies led by various staff members on important issues, they most regularly have assemblies with their Head of Year and members of SLT. Students also have assemblies organised by the Lay Chaplains, in which members of the student chaplaincy team often have an opportunity to plan and deliver. For example, the student leaders in the chaplaincy team planned and delivered an assembly about Remembrance to all year groups in November.