Within the RE department we strive for educational excellence whilst allowing our students to
move forward in their faith journey

re aligned

All pupils study RE from year 7 to 11. The first term is spent studying an ‘Induction topic’ which introduces them to the Catholic ethos of the college and there is a strong emphasis on learning about who Jesus is. Pupils enjoy mass in the college chapel as a class during the term. Further year 7 topics include the Bible and the Mass.

At the start of year 9 pupils begin RE at KS4. We follow the Edexcel GCSE course. The pupils study two units. The first unit is Religion and Life- Catholic Christianity. This unit answers many of the big questions in life, such as; is God real? Why do people suffer? When does live begin and end? Pupils find this unit extremely engaging and always have lots of opinions and points to share and discuss. The second unit is Religion and Society. This unit looks at many problems society faces today such as war, crime, medical ethics and human rights and what role religion has to play in these issues.

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