Becoming Wise

Year 7 - Becoming Wise

The Year 7 Becoming Wise curriculum is a brand new approach to teaching and learning here at Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School, which was first adopted in the academic year 2017-18.
Rather than studying 2 lessons of History, Geography, RE and ICT per week, the pupils have a more intensive programme of lessons in these subjects. They spend 7 weeks with their Becoming Wise teacher, before rotating onto the next subject. The teachers of these subjects teach 7 lessons per week to Year 7 and are therefore able to get to know the pupils very well, forming strong bonds with them and helping them to progress with their learning. As well as teaching their own subject content and skills, a big focus for the Becoming Wise team is the development of the pupils’ literacy skills, and all pupils are encouraged to continuously develop their reading, writing and oral communication. As well as the more traditional subjects which have been added to the rotation, the pupils also spend a block of time in ‘Communications’, which focuses specifically upon developing the pupils’ oral literacy and confidence with the spoken word.

“I really enjoyed learning RE with Miss McMenamin because the lessons were fun and she got to know me really well. We played lots of games which helped me learn. When I found I was leaving Miss McMenamin I felt sad, but I am looking forward to Geography with Dr Beavan”

Ashton Barnsley – 7Ne

“I loved how we got such a long period of time to really focus on one subject - History. This meant we could become really engrossed in the subject, and those students who didn’t like the subject in primary school got to see a different side to it”

Vicandria Greene – 7Be

Mrs Buckle – Assistant Headteacher (Literacy)