Year 11 Textiles Exam

Textiles Exam

Well done to all the students who have worked exceptionally hard and fully focused over the two day exam.

The pupils created a variety of different hair accessories and hats. The photo shows the work created by the following four students: Klaudia Solraczk, Ellie Crockett, Kirsty Moran Davis & Shannon Smith.

Catholic Partnership Swimming Gala

On Monday the 7th April 15 students represented Cardinal Wiseman in a Catholic Swimming Gala at Archbishop Ilsley. It was an excellent event, fiercely contested by all pupils, who swam with great pride for their school teams. There was a separate girls and boy’s competition, with teams made up of 4 x Year 7 girls/4 x Year 8 girls and 4 x Year 8 boys/4 x Year 7 boys. The event culminated in a very exciting Cannon relay which could probably be heard all around the school building! Our teams were an asset to our school with outstanding performances in the team and individual races. Their manner and passion to be the best they could be was outstanding and they were respectful to the other schools and members of staff that accompanied them. A big well done to both the boys and girls team who were made up of the following pupils; Kerry Bowen, Francene Brennan, Demileigh Capnerhurst, Kaycie-Le Cummings (year 7), Priya Mclean Bride, Molly Mason, Lauren Westcarr Stephenson (year 8), Liam White, James Lawlor, Callum Comley, Riley Mallin (year 7), Joshua Nicholson, George Wilkinson, Kane Murphy and Connor White (year 8).

Even though we did not win the events, congratulations to all pupils who took part. There was a high standard of swimming and some really impressive individual and team performances.

Taize Mass – Student Report by Mary Delaney

On Friday 21st April I went to a Taize style Mass   in Birmingham with 14 other year 11 students. Mr Chawner who is one of the   school governors helped organise the trip with Lucy Hurley. It wasn’t an   ordinary liturgy as it had a style that I had never seen before. My favourite   part of the liturgy was the acceptance; everyone was accepted for who they   were. We had lots of silent moments, which was very special. At the start we   were all asked to move around and go and talk to someone we did not know.

I found this overwhelming in a great way. I had an   opportunity to talk to some people from totally different walks of life which   was great. Two other pupils from Cardinal Wiseman were asked to read and sing   in their own language in front of everyone. They were a credit to our school   and the community. At the end of the liturgy a cross was brought to the front   of the room. The idea was that you would come forward and bow and place your   head on the cross and pray to God. I was a bit scared but I did overcome my   fears and walked up on my own and prayed. This takes place most weeks. I   recommend you all give it a go.

Primary Links

Lucy and Hannah informed me about how our pupils were truly OUTSTANDING last week. They said that they were an absolute pleasure to work with and they represented our school exceptionally well. To find out what they did, please read Jordan’s report below.

Student Report by Jordan Booker

On Thursday 27th March, myself and four other students from the Chaplaincy team visited St Margaret Mary Catholic Primary School. During the day we led the pupils in different prayer style activities that helped them journey through Lent. This gave them time to pray and reflect. My favourite part of the day was getting to work with the younger children. I am very grateful for the opportunity and I hope I get to go again.

‘The Young Shakespeare Company’ – Macbeth

Last week, year 9 students enjoyed a visit from ‘The Young Shakespeare Company’ who performed key scenes from Macbeth and explored the play’s themes, characters, staging and more.


Year 9 are currently studying Shakespeare’s Macbeth and this performance and workshop enabled students to develop their understanding and see the scenes come to life through both traditional and modern interpretations.

The afternoon was very interactive and students offered suggestions on how key scenes might be staged. The actors tried out these suggestions much to the enjoyment of the students. Students were able to develop their understanding of the motivations behind the actions of characters as well as their understanding of the play as a whole. We even learnt a thing or two about stage fighting.

The afternoon was a huge success and was incredibly useful ahead of their Shakespeare assessments.

STEM Event at Cardinal Wiseman

On Thursday 20th   March Cardinal Wiseman played host to the Birmingham Catholic Partnership   STEM event, which creates opportunities to engage and inspire young people to  pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths fields.

Year 8 pupils from   Cardinal Wiseman, Archbishop Ilsley, Bishop Walsh, Cardinal Newman, Holy   Trinity and St Thomas Aquinas were represented with teams taking part in 3   STEM activities; “Beat the Flood”, “Cargo Drop” and   “Clever Copters” which challenged the students (and their   teachers!) to work together and draw on their subject knowledge.

STEM event

The pupils were   supported by two STEM Ambassadors from the STEMNET programme – the only   well-established role model programme in the UK, run by The University of   Birmingham. STEM Ambassadors volunteer their time and support to promote STEM   subjects to young learners.

Sarah Lay who   organises the Catholic Partnership Events said that:

“We really must say a   huge thank you to Miss Garside (Assistant Head Teacher at Cardinal Wiseman)   who planned, prepared and pulled together a fantastic event, all of her   efforts were greatly appreciated”

Our students said:

“I enjoyed being able   to work as a team to create amazing contraptions from different materials. It   was a great experience because it taught us how we could work as a team to   make cool, amazing things.”

Lee Bond

“I learnt about how I   could use different materials to produce an auto-piloted plane which was a real   challenge. Al also learnt how working with other people can lead to many   advantages such as working with people from other backgrounds, which helps me   to respect them more”.

Priscilla Owusu.

Uniform Reminder

Two areas of school uniform which we would like to remind you about are as follows:

  • Plain black or white socks OR tights – no patterns or other colours
  • No extreme hairdos – e.g. mohicans, buzz cuts, tramlines (including eyebrows, unnatural colours (pinks, blue green!)

The Big Bang – UK Young Scientists and Engineers Fair

As you will see below, students from the year 10 Business Studies group went to The Big Bang event at the NEC last week. We would like to thank all of the staff who were involved in providing our students with this fantastic opportunity. In particular we would like to thank Mr Povey for his hard work and organisation as this trip could not have taken place without him.

Big Bang

“Fantastic! The best trip we have been on since we came to Cardinal Wiseman”

George Bath and Callum Mcgonicle.

“Brilliant” and “totally engaging” were the most common words used by students to describe this year’s Big Bang Fair, which was held at the National Exhibition Centre.

The event, which welcomed more than 75,000 people over its entirety, was totally embraced by the current two year 10 business groups. During the event our students were able to take part in a number of fun events including the ‘Kaboom’ show, hosted by TV presenter Greg Foot. Ryan Best decided to investigate the engineering side of things by trying his luck in a handmade car; Aiden Thompson decided to explore all the science experiments available, Shanelle and Jahmaih Richards explored the realms of forensic science.

“It gave us the chance to speak to leading scientists, technologists and engineers to see for ourselves the range of exciting careers that the different subjects can lead to.”

Chelsea Reeves.

“The overall view of the fair highlighted to us the endless exciting possibilities that currently exist for us, but it is up to us to be fully prepared to take the opportunities when they come”.

Paulette, Versace and Benita.

Amendment to Girls PE Uniform

Following on from very reasonable concerns raised by some of our girls about PE uniform, we have decided to amend it. From now on, girls will be allowed to wear plain navy blue tracksuit bottoms (no large print/design).